Because of our larger than normal order volume we are shutting the website down for several days.

Shipping charges on the website have been set to $999,999.99 to stop any new orders from coming in.

ALL regular priced orders (with no upfront shipping delays) up until the end of April 2020 have shipped out the door.

If you have an un-shipped order with an upfront shipping delay your order will ship within the time frame that YOU agreed to.

The website may be temporarily closed but we do have a full staff working every day as we speak.

No orders are shipping out late and no orders will be shipping out late, period.

If you refresh this page and this message is no longer here it means the website is back open.

We also have several weeks worth "$7.00 SUNDAY" orders (with a zero time frame for shipping) that we are currently filling/shipping. Once we get these orders shipped and out the door we will re-open our website as normal, it may be a week, it may be a month, zero clue. In the mean time, if you need vinyl you will probably need to place an order with one of our overly priced competitors.

If there is a LEGITIMATE issue with your order please email us directly -