These grab bags are perfect for a situation where color doesn't necessarily matter.  You are guaranteed to get all different colors (no repeating colors). These sheets aren’t odd sizes and they do not have imperfections. These sheets come from the same shelf as our regular-priced vinyl, there is no difference other than the price.


10 sheets of 12x12 gloss vinyl = $0.01

10 sheets of 12x12 matte vinyl  = $0.01

5 sheets of 8x12 glitter HTV t-shirt vinyl = $0.01

5 sheets of 8x12 Siser EasyWeed HTV t-shirt vinyl = $0.01

5 sheets of 8x12 ThermoFlex HTV t-shirt vinyl = $0.01

sheets sizes may be + or - 1/2 of an inch.




RULE # 1: You must have at least $50.00 worth of ANY other item(s) from our website in your shopping cart along with the grab bag. The $50.00 minimum can not include the grab bag itself. The $50.00 minimum can not include any shipping charges and/or taxes (only Virginia residents are charged tax). If you place an order with a grab bag and the order doesn't meet the $50.00 minimum you will receive the other items but not the grab bag and you will not be refunded for the one penny. 


RULE # 2: We have a strict limit of ONE grab bag per order. We have (5) different types of grab bags to choose from. You can pick only one grab bag for your entire order. If you attempt to purchase more than one grab bag per order you will not receive any grab bags at all and you will not be refunded for any extra pennies that you spent. DO NOT attempt to purchase only grab bags and nothing else on your order. If your order consists of only grab bags and nothing else you will not be shipped anything because your order paperwork will go in the trash and you will not be refunded no matter how much you spent. 


RULE # 3: Your order must have a shipping charge. Our website will automatically give you free shipping if you spend over $125 and we have a few free shipping Facebook promotions so you will need to make sure that your entire order has a shipping charge. If your order doesn't have a shipping charge you will receive the other items but not the grab bag and you will not be refunded for the one penny.  


RULE # 4: There may be a slight shipping delay of 2-3 extra days on top of our normal handling times seen HERE. If you can not wait a few extra days for your entire order to ship out please do not order a grab bag, or, simply close this page and leave our website. DO NOT email us in a few days asking for a shipping status. These time-wasting emails will not be answered because we have already answered them on this page.


We get it, customers should not have to follow silly "rules" or "jump through hoops" to order vinyl, but, nobody is forcing you to be our customer. We have these "rules" and "hoops" in place to weed out people who can't follow simple directions. With that said we have zero control over your decision to read, or not to read everything on this page. If you place an order from this page with a grab bag we will assume that you took the time to read and agree to everything within this page. We appreciate every single order but we have never been hurting for business. has been open longer than any other vinyl supplier on the internet, ask anybody. We will be the first to admit that this page may seem "unprofessional", but, we have earned the right to run OUR business how WE want, period. We are not here to give belly rubs, we are here to offer you rock-bottom prices. If you need to feel all warm and fuzzy when ordering vinyl please overpay through one of our "competitors". 
We strongly suggest that you print off a copy of this entire page and keep the printed copy for your personal records.