RULE # 1:  If you want free shipping every Friday you must add the option below that says: "I WANT FREE SHIPPING AND I AGREE TO ALL 5 RULES" to your shopping cart. This option will cost you $0.01 (one penny). After adding this option to your shopping cart you can go ahead and add other items to your shopping cart.

RULE # 2: THERE WILL BE A SHIPPING DELAY OF 10-14 BUSINESS DAYS! Please look at a calendar and count forward 10-14 business days to see when your order will ship out. If you do not have access to a calendar please click HERE. If you can not wait 10-14 business days for your order to ship out please close this page and do not order, business days do not include weekends or holidays. DO NOT email us and ask for a "shipping status" because you will be refunded on the spot minus $25.00 for not following directions. These time wasting emails clog up our email inbox. Your "shipping status" is listed above. If you dispute your payment because of the $25.00 fee you will be shipped a printed copy of this page (with tracking) as proof of delivery for the dispute.

RULE # 3: "FREE SHIPPING FRIDAY" is only available on FRIDAY of each week (on the east coast). If you are not sure what time/day it is on the east coast click HERE. If your order is placed ANYWHERE from 12:00 a.m. on Saturday morning through 11:59 p.m.Thursday night your order will be refunded minus $25.00 for not following directions, this is 100% no exceptions, we can not stress this enough. If you are in a different time zone you must plan accordingly.

RULE # 4: We will not be able to make ANY changes to your order after payment. This includes changing an item/quantities/color/shipping address/etc. The only option is to refund the entire order minus a $25.00 cancellation fee as long as the order has not been printed. If the order has been printed there is nothing we can do. If you use the wrong shipping address and we ship your order there is nothing we can do. If you dispute your payment because of a wrong shipping address you will be shipped a printed copy of this page (with tracking) as proof of delivery for the dispute.
RULE # 5: This is OUR website, OUR rules, YOUR decision.  All details on this page are clear as humanly possible so that YOU can make the decision to order or not. With that said, ordering from this page is a legal contractual agreement. If you do not follow every rule listed on this page you will be refunded minus a $25.00 cancellation fee for not following directions. If your order is less than $25.00 and you break ANY of these rules your order will be canceled and you will not be refunded at all. If your order is canceled/refunded and then you dispute the payment or the $25.00 fee you will be shipped a printed copy of this page (with tracking) as proof of delivery and you will lose the dispute.
We get it, customers should not have to follow silly "rules" to order vinyl, but, nobody is forcing YOU to be OUR customer. We have zero control over your decision to read, or not to read everything on this page. If you place an order from this page we will assume that you took the time to read and agree to everything on this page. We have been open longer than any other vinyl supplier on the internet so we obviously have "rules" in place for a reason. We are not here to make new friends or give belly rubs, we are here to offer you rock bottom prices. If want to feel warm and fuzzy when ordering vinyl please overpay through one of our "competitors".
Keychains normally have have to be purchased separate from all other items on our site, BUT, on "free shipping friday" this will not apply so if you plan to purchase keychains with free shipping you must purchase them HEREPlease understand if you try to purchase keychains from our regular keychain page you will not get the option for free shipping.


We strongly suggest that you print off a copy of this page (especially the FIVE rules listed above) and keep the printed copy for your personal records.