's basic shipping information is listed below in red.

All shipping related questions will be answered on this page.




Please take ALL information on this page into consideration when figuring up the shipping time for your order.

Here at we work 7 days a week, but, we only physically print, fill, and ship orders Monday through Friday. There is a 1-4 business day handling time on ALL completed REGULAR priced orders, this does not include weekends, holidays or any orders with an upfront delay listed on the page that you ordered from. If you purchased items through a low priced promotion there will be an upfront shipping delay clearly listed on the specific page that agreed to and ordered from.

The only payment confirmation that you will receive is an email from PayPal directly after payment. You will also be able to see the order/payment details inside of your actual PayPal account. If you are able to see any pending charges from "CRAFT VINYL" inside of your PayPal account or listed within your credit card/bank account it means we do have your order and we will ship it within the times listed on this page.

Handling times on ALL orders will start the next business day. For example if you place an order on Wednesday, the handling time will start on Thursday and Thursday will be business day (1) as long as Thursday is not a holiday.  Saturdays and Sundays handling times may not start until Tuesday (or the next business day) depending on the amount of orders we receive over the weekend. 

Saturdays and Sundays usually consist of restocking supplies, cutting vinyl, reordering supplies, and routine web site maintenance.  Since we only print, fill, and ship orders Monday through Friday, please understand that just because you place an order on Saturday (for example), it doesn’t necessarily mean your order will ship out first thing on Monday.

Mondays almost always consist of printing orders received from Friday through Sunday. On some Mondays we have to print out the paperwork for anywhere between 2,000-3,000 orders. Handling times on orders placed on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays will not begin until the next business day which is usually Monday, unless Monday is a holiday. Orders placed over the weekend are printed in the order that they were received. All orders are filled and shipped in accordance to what the actual order consists of. Depending on how many orders we have over the weekend, some weeks we won’t even have a chance to print off Mondays orders until Wednesday.

Every Tuesday (our "2 for 1 Tuesday" promotion) is by far the busiest day for us. For logistical reasons it may take an extra day before we have time to even print off the paperwork for ALL orders received on Tuesday, including regular priced non "2 for 1 Tuesday" orders. Most weeks we may print Wednesdays paperwork before we have a chance to print Tuesday's paperwork. For this reason, regular priced orders placed on Tuesday may have an additional (1) business day delay just because the actual time it takes for us to physically print EVERY order received each Tuesday.

We strongly suggest that you sign up for "informed delivery" with the post office. The post office will notify you via email if you have a package that is in transit to your address, but, sometimes the post office doesn't update the information until the actual day of delivery. Some zip codes and rural areas are excluded. You can sign up for free here:




We only ship within the U.S.A. and most all of our orders are shipped through the post office. We do ship to “APO” (military) boxes for no extra charge.  Military shipments can take a few days longer to arrive because they are being delivered outside of the United States. The delay can be just a few days longer, but, we have seen it take up to a week or even 2 weeks (transit time) longer than normal U.S.A. orders to be delivered.

Larger packages may be shipped via UPS or FedEx. We ship from Cedar Bluff, Virginia, our zip code is 24609. All orders do have "tracking" numbers. The post office usually refers to these numbers as “delivery confirmation numbers”.

The definition of "tracking / delivery confirmation numbers" on this page, through email communication, or any other page on our website means the unique reference number that the shipping company generates to confirm that a shipping label has been created or a package has been scanned/shipped. Once a package leaves our facility can only give you the tracking/delivery confirmation number to reference the of the package during transit. We have no other information as to where your package is other than what is listed on the tracking info page. Occasionally we will have customers ask if we can call the post office to see "where their package is", from our experience calling the post office will only get a live person to tell us the same exact info that you already see on the tracking info page.

We do not send tracking information once your order has been shipped. usually sends this info to the EXACT email address that you used at payment, BUT sometimes that info can be delayed by and not by us. Please make sure that your email account will allow email messages from, otherwise, you may have to search/check inside of your junk/spam email folder for any communication from them. We do not email you these tracking numbers and PayPal does not email you tracking information. If you haven’t received tracking info from it doesn’t necessarily mean that your order has not been shipped, it may mean that has not yet relayed the tracking info to you. 

Tracking/Delivery confirmation numbers may only show that the package has been “picked up” or that the package has been scanned at a postal hub. The post office “tracking” may not show "up to date" information as to the exact location where your package is. The "tracking" may only show that the package has been picked up when in fact it is in your home town waiting to be delivered. We understand this can be frustrating but this is how the post office handles their tracking, it has nothing to do with us. The post office may also give you “estimated delivery dates” with their tracking/delivery confirmation numbers. From our experience, we advise you to never trust any estimated delivery dates.

Delivery dates are something we cannot give or guarantee because once a package leave us it is in the hands of the shipping company. For this reason if you ask for a delivery date we will always refer you back to this page.

The definition of "handling time" on this page, through email communication, or any other page on our website means the time it takes from the date we print your COMPLETED order to the day we print your shipping label. Handling time DOES NOT mean "in transit time".

The definition of "shipping date" on this page, through email communication, or any other page on our website means the day we physically print the shipping label, it doesn't necessarily mean the day the package is picked up by the shipping company.  In cases where the shipping company has already picked up packages at our location (before we print your label) your package will be picked up the next business day. Most of our shipping labels are printed after normal business hours, usually after midnight.

The definition of "business days" on this page, through email communication, or any other page on our website means Monday through Friday and EXCLUDING WEEKENDS, BUT, depending on the situation it may not mean Monday through Friday if one of those days is a "holiday".

The definition of "holiday" on this page, through email communication, or any other page on our website means any nationally recognized Federal holiday, OR, any nationally recognized commonly celebrated "day" that is not Federally recognized (such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc.) The word "holiday" can also mean a few days leading up to the day of the actual holiday, and/or a few days after the actual day of the holiday.

During ANY "holiday", the handling time on your order may be delayed because of the popularity of sales, availability of supplies, or the closing of shipping centers. We re-order supplies 2-3 times a week but if our supplier or shipping courier is closed leading up to, during, or after a holiday, it may delay any supplies being delivered to us.  So please understand that if the handling time of your order falls within 7 business days prior to ANY holiday, or, if the handling time of your order falls within 7 business days after ANY  holiday, your order will probably be delayed by an extra 1-2 business days on top of the normal handling times listed on this page.

During certain times of the year certain colors/types of vinyl are very popular and will be hard to keep in stock. For example: red, green, gold, and silver are very popular around Christmas. Also, orange, black and purple are very popular around Halloween. If we see that an item or color has limited quantity or low stock we will list the possibility of a shipping delay on the page in question. The delay will be clearly listed near the “add to cart" button of the item(s) in question. You will still be able to purchase the item(s) but your order may be delayed. We strongly suggest refreshing your browser(s) each time you visit our is on EASTERN STANDARD TIME. The handling time on your order will begin the next business day after the date that our system accepts your order (excluding weekends or holidays). If you are in a later time zone and you place an order (for example) at 11:59 p.m. on the 5th day of the month in your time zone, our system may recognize the order as being placed on the 6th day of the month in our time zone, so your handling time (excluding weekends or holidays) will begin on the 7th day of the month not the 6th.

Make sure your shipping address is up to date, current and correct. We will not cross reference your addresses to confirm it is correct, we will not confirm that it is a legitimate shipping address. We will only ship the address that you enter when making payment.  If for any reason YOU leave out / misspell ANY part of your address or use any typographical errors, the mistakes/errors will be 100% your responsibility after the fact, not ours. We cannot ship orders unless there is a full name, street address, city, state and zip code on the order details. You will be surprised at how many people forget to put their full name or enter the full street address when making payment. In the event of a returned packaged for ANY reason, It will be 100% your responsibility to pay to have it reshipped. In some cases actual shipping can be more than the shipping price you paid on the website. For example if you have a large package and you paid a flat rate of $8.95 on our website, in reality it could have cost us $14 or $15 to ship it to you. 

When we go to print your shipping label our system will use whatever address is entered as your shipping address. If you use the wrong shipping address during payment by mistake and the package is in fact delivered to that "wrong" address please understand that your package is not considered "lost", it is considered "delivered". Please understand neither we, nor the post office will consider a package that has been "delivered" as "lost" in cases like this. The phrase “only you know where you live” means that we have no clue where you currently live other than the actual address that you entered when you made payment. When you order from us we simply take your payment and ship the items to where you ask us to ship them, we have no clue as to how current your address is or how long you have lived there or haven’t lived there. As per PayPal’s sell/buyer protection policies we won’t be able to ship to any address other than the actual address that you used when making payment. We can not and will not make ANY changes to your order after payment, the only option is to cancel the order and let you start over.

Shipping companies (especially the U.S. Postal Service) can be very slow at times especially during the holidays. We have seen a package take up to 14 business days to be delivered to a location only 8 hours away. Please understand that once a package leaves us we have no control over the time it takes to be delivered. For this reason we cannot ship out a "lost" package until a set time frame has passed since the package was picked up from our location OR last scanned in the tracking system. By “lost” we mean a package that has not been delivered OR last scanned within the times listed (in red) as follows: Priority mail = 21 business days. First class =  28 business days. Parcel package = 45 business days. The days listed (in red) are "business days" and mean business days AFTER the date of shipment OR day of the last scan (which ever came last) and these days do not include weekends or holidays.

We understand the need for items ASAP,  we are buyers too. As buyers we have at some time or another needed items ASAP for certain deadlines. In some cases when we haven’t been able to meet those deadlines we have been frustrated with suppliers or may have felt the need to blame suppliers for certain delays, BUT, we also understand that WE should have been better prepared for those deadlines or at least took the time to read the suppliers shipping info page and asked detailed questions about the suppliers shipping/handling/delivery dates BEFORE placing an order.




When you place an order you set into motion a chain of events for your paperwork to be printed out and your actual order to be filled and shipped. If you place an order and then want/need to cancel (for ANY reason) we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of $5 or 10% depending of the order. We cannot and will not make ANY changes to your order after it has been placed, the only option is to cancel and refund the entire order and let you start over. We print hundreds of orders per day and at any given moment we can have stacks of order paperwork that are 15-20 inches tall in several different locations throughout our facility. To cancel your order it is more than just sending you a refund, we first have to find the paperwork for your order by digging through stacks and stacks of paperwork to ensure that your order isn't actually shipped to you.

It doesn’t matter if you ordered 3 days ago, 3 minutes ago or 3 seconds ago, it will be the same cancellation policy. It also doesn’t matter if your order paperwork has or has not been printed off, it also doesn't matter it your order has/has not been partially filled or is/is not boxed up and ready to ship out the door.

If you purchase from one of our low priced promotions / sales and do not follow the clearly displayed "rules" we reserve the right to cancel your order and charge a cancellation fee (listed on the page you agreed to) without notice.

We are THE oldest sheet seller of vinyl on the internet. We have been in business since 2006 and have hundreds of thousands of customers.  We value our loyal customers, however, we are a straight forward, no nonsense, private corporation and we decide who we want to sell to or not. With that said we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, period.