Siser - EasyColor DTV

"Direct To Vinyl" HTV

Siser EasyColor DTV is an INKJET HTV that can be fed into nearly any home desktop inkjet printer! This means you can now print full-color designs onto HTV right from your printer, no new equipment required. Simply feed EasyColor DTV into your home inkjet printer, print out your design, weed and mask with EasyMask, then apply.


Siser EasyColor

8.5x11 - DTV SHEET



Siser EasyMask

8.5x11 - MASK SHEET



8.5''x11'' sheets of DTV and MASK may be + or - 0.1'' from Siser.



For full technical information including instructions/videos on how to use Siser EasyColor DTV and Siser EasyMask go HERE