but only on this page!

The ONLY place online to view the full details of this free shipping sale is right here on this page so please go with what is clearly explained on this page not what other people may or may not say on websites/blogs/forum's. Free shipping s for U.S.A. paypal accounts that are shipping to U.S.A. addresses only (military base addresses are considered U.S.A.).
Free shipping will start at 12:00 AM every Friday morning and it will end at 11:59 PM that night, all times are EASTERN time. Free shipping is for those times only, no exceptions. If you forget to place the order during those times we cannot go back and refund orders placed before or after the times listed above, so plan accordingly. Free shipping will include everything except certain promotions that have a pre-set flat rate shipping or a required shipping charge clearly posted within in the promotional page details.
DO NOT try to use this promotion on ANY other day of the month because you you WILL NOT get free shipping
we have 5 rules...

#1.  In order to get free shipping you will have to manually add "I WANT FREE SHIPPING" to your cart (shown below).  This must be the first thing you add to your cart. If you want free shipping please go ahead and click "I WANT FREE SHIPPING !" below and then click "add to cart".  If you forget to click the "I WANT FREE SHIPPING !" button we can not go back and refund the shipping price you paid,  by manually clicking the free shipping option you agree to ALL terms on this page. This option will cost you $0.01 (one penny) . You only have to add this once for your entire order. If you do not add this you will not get the option for free shipping at checkout. Some of our promotions REQUIRE a shipping charge ("one dollar grab bags" among others for example ) so YOU must make sure that the details of these certain promotions are allowed with free shipping, if not, you run the risk of your entire order being refunded minus a cancellaton fee without notice) 



#2.  You can only use the "free shipping friday" option on FRIDAY, please understand that your entire order may not ship for 10 business days on top of our normal handling times.  

 #3. If you plan to tell your friends or family about this sale you need tell them to read this entire page before placing their order. Please don’t just tell them to simply click the free shipping option because you may forget to tell them about the possible delay and it wont be fair to them.
 #4. We will not be able to make changes to your order after payment. This includes changing items, quantities, or changing buying information (shipping address etc..) ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL unless you ask for a refund. If by chance you ask for a refund for ANY reason we will refund the payment MINUS a $5 cancelation fee even if the order has not been printed, filled or shipped.
#5. Keychains usually have have to be purchased separate from all other items on our site, BUT, on a free shipping day this will not apply.  If you plan to purchase keychains with free shipping you must purchase them HERE , please understand If you try to purchase keychains from our regular keychain page you will not get the option for free shipping. If you do not plan to purchase keychains please ignore #5.


The current date and time on the east cost is:

If the time and date shown above does not say it is FRIDAY please do not order, also please understand if you do not follow the directions on this page or any other page in combination with the free shipping option, or you order and it does not say FRIDAY ,or your free shipping order is refunded for ANY reason you WILL be refunded MINUS a $5 cancelation fee, we have made this as this as UPFRONT and as clear humanly possible!  If by chance the live time clock shown above doesn't show up on your computer/device/phone then YOU will need to make sure what time it is on the east coast. Just be sure that your payment is received on FRIDAY (eastern time) and not a second before or a second after, otherwise you will be refunded, no exceptions.

DO NOT try to use this promotion on ANY other day of the month because you you WILL NOT get free shipping


For this sale  please understand if you email us and ask “Why hasn’t my order been shipped????” or “I have customers waiting and this is unacceptable”  or  “Why is it taking so long?” or “I’ve ordered from a competitor and they never take this long!” etc… your order will probably be refunded.

We have no problem with you emailing us general questions about you order, always remember that! We just ask that you understand the delay(s).......

DO NOT try to use this promotion on ANY other day of the month because you you WILL NOT get free shipping (this the 4th time we have posted this notice on this page)




 We have no control over your decision to read, or not to read the entire details of free shipping. We have tried to make all details as up front and as clear as possible so you can make the final decision if you want to order or not. If you place an order from this page we will assume that you took the time to read this entire page and you agreed to everything on this page including the clearly published delay. So, again, if you want your order to ship out within our normal handling times and do not want a delay, please don't select the free shipping option