for only $18!



At these prices we are practically giving these blades away. We basically use this page as a marketing device to attract new customers and boost sales of regular priced non-promotional items.  You can purchase these blades with most all other regular priced non-promotional items on our website. You CAN NOT purchase grab bags along with the blades on this page.

These prices are 365 days a year.

These blades are for U.S.A. orders only.You must have a U.S.A paypal account shipping to a U.S.A. address.




#1: There is a strict limit of (3) blades per order. If you want to purchase more than (3) blades for $18 you will need to make separate orders and pay separate shipping.  You CAN NOT purchase grab bags along with the blades from this page.

#2: You must have a shipping charge on your order/receipt. You cannot use this promotion in conjunction with any free shipping offer we have. We offer free shipping on all regular priced orders of $125 or more all year round, and, on select Fridays we offer free shipping on all regular priced orders no matter the amount.  So please make sure your order has a shipping charge before making payment.

#3: If you ignore #1 and #2 shown above your ENTIRE order will be refunded minus a $5.00 cancellation fee no exceptions because we have made these "rules" as up front and clear as possible.


Sometimes we ship cameo blades in clear plastic baggies instead of the clear plastic packaging from Silhouette. In some circumstances it is more cost efficient on several levels to ship blades in these plastic baggies rather than the original clear plastic packaging from Silhouette. For each blade you purchase, you will receive the actual blade, the actual housing(s) and the original white label with the UPC (as proof of purchase). So, basically you get everything as normal except for the clear plastic packaging.


(3) CAMEO BLADES - $18

Craftvinyl.com is a fully licensed/authorized retailer of Silhouette products




Please understand, if you order more than 3 blades on a single receipt , or if you do not have a shipping charge on your order we will refund your entire order without notice minus a $3.00 cancellation fee.  We have no control over your decision to read, or not to read the entire details of this promotion. We have tried to make all details of this promotion as up front and as clear as possible so you can make the final decision if you want to order or not. If you place an order from this page we will assume that you took the time to read this entire page and you agreed to everything on this page. If you do not "agree" with our "rules" please pay full price for your blades on the page listed below: Full priced blades are here: www.craftvinyl.com/silhouette-supplies


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