Please read this ENTIRE page to understand how a price match works

there are so many factors that go into a price match, we will meet or beat ANY price of solid colors of Oracal 651 gloss or Oracal 631 matte vinyl , as long as it meets the exact criteria below.....

In theory our price match means we will meet or beat a competitor’s price for solid color of gloss or matte vinyl, BUT, we will charge the exact same shipping rate as the competitor to make it fair .

Price matches are for solid colors of:

12x12 and 12x24 gloss (Oracal 651)

12x12 and 12x24 matte (Oracal 631) 


If you come across a lower total price on 12x12 or 12x24 sheets of gloss or matte vinyl on another website, We will give you a better total price than the total price you found elsewhere as long as it meets the exact criteria on this page. If by chance we cannot give you a better price, we will send you 10 sheets of vinyl for free. The free sheets will be (10) 12x12 vinyl gloss variety colors, sent with free shipping. Simply finding a lower price on vinyl does not automatically entitle you to get free vinyl, you must give us the opportunity to beat the competitor’s total price. In short, If you show us a lower total price somewhere else and the price/vinyl/shipping meets the exact criteria on this page we will beat the total price or will send you 10 sheets of vinyl for free. The other website MUST be authorized to sell the products that you are wanting to be price matched. We DO NOT price match "free items"

Price matches are done through, you do not need a paypal account to pay for price matched items. if your price match offer is approved we will email you an online invoice to pay for the price matched items.

You must email us about a price match,  You must send us a direct email to with the phrase "PRICE MATCH" in the subject line .  Please don't send us a message through an online forum, blog,  question/ comment section on our site or through facebook, the email must be a direct email. We have included a sample screen shot of how your email should look (please see the bottom of this page)

 If you come across a lower price, please send me all the info you can about the lower priced vinyl (I will need to see the direct website link, auction #, vinyl prices, vinyl colors, shipping link, etc.....) Competitors vinyl must be in stock and ready to ship. The competitor’s price must be viewable online and you must be able to simply email me the direct link to the prices. The competitors shipping prices must be listed in plain view on their website. We will not price match websites that require customers to long into an account in order to view vinyl prices or shipping prices. 

If a another website is running a “promotion” or “sale” you must email us ASAP, your email must be sent to us before the promotion/sale ends. The email must be dated before the sale or promotion ends

International price matches are the hardest to do because a majority of sellers will not have their international shipping rates posted on their site. We will not be able to price match items on a site where the competitor asks you to “email us for international rates” etc.  We cannot accept a copy of an email from a competitor detailing their international rates, their rates must be clearly posted on their site. There are a lot of factors with international shipping rates to begin with and some sellers may or may not charge a "handling fee" to ship internationally. If the seller charges a handling fee to ship international we will add that handling fee onto the total price to make it fair, in this care their handling fee must also be clearly posted on their site.

We will beat ebay prices, BUT, only on "buy it now" listings/auctions. We will not beat prices on other ebay listings that are not "buy it now" listings (this includes unsold auctions, auctions with a low price but hasn’t met the "reserve", "ended" or "completed" listings/auctions with zero bidders etc.) In an ebay price match, please email us the exact item number or direct link to the direct listing.

The price matched solid color vinyl must be "apples for apples", meaning, same vinyl colors, same vinyl sizes, same vinyl finishes. For example, if you find a lower price on 12x12 gloss red vinyl, I will beat the competitor’s price for 12x12 red gloss vinyl, etc....

The competitors website MUST clearly display the exact brand / series of vinyl in question, no exceptions. We will not be able add the other websites vinyl to their online shopping cart just to be able see the brand / series or price , the brand / series / price must be clearly listed / displayed on the exact page in question, no exceptions, HOWEVER , If by chance we decide to add the competitors vinyl to their online shopping cart to confirm prices/availability the brand / series  MUST be listed / displayed in the shopping cart as well.  The competitors shipping prices must be posted clearly on their site and it must be specific / understandable . We will not be able to calculate shipping prices from another website, no exceptions (for example if the other site only lists shipping prices to certain states / locations we will only be able to price match to customers who live in those certain states / locations as long as their shipping prices are clearly posted). So, please understand that If the brand / series /prices are not clearly displayed / listed, or, the shipping prices are not clearly displayed /  listed, we will not be able to proceed with a price match, no exceptions.

The price matched vinyl MUST be "click-able" and "cart-able" meaning. We should be able to go the website where you found a lower price and click on the items and add the lower priced vinyl into an online shopping cart (if we choose to) and all the price(s) must be clearly displayed. We cannot price match or beat website "ads", unless, from the ad, we can go directly to the lower priced items website and add those items to a shopping cart. We cannot do price matches or beat prices on anything if the lower priced item(s) cannot be added to an online shopping cart. The reason, if we can’t add those items to an online shopping cart, most likely neither can you, which mean its not a valid lower price. in the past we have seen lower advertised prices other sites, but the actual items have not been "cart-able" (out of stock, sale has ended, glitch in the competitors website etc…)

All price matches must be approved BEFORE you place your order. So please do not place an order through our website then come back later and ask that we refund the difference because you think you may have found a lower price somewhere else.

Shipping is also a factor in the price match, some competitors may in fact have a "lower price" for their vinyl, but, they might charge more for shipping, which in turn doesn’t really mean a "lower price".

In some very rare instances, we have seen other sites run sales, promotions, or pre-sales that will have a specific delayed shipping time. Meaning, they will offer you a lower price but with that price you as the buyer agree to a delay in your order. In the event of this happening we will go by whatever info they have as far as shipping times. If they say your order will not ship for 10 days then a price matched order from us will not ship for atleast 10 days etc…

Also for a price match, please understand, to be fair, all policies enforced by competitor will be used. If the competitor charges a 20% restocking for a return, we will charge a 20% restocking fee in the unlikely event you want to return a price matched order. If the competitor doesn’t accept returns we will not be able to accept returns. If the competitor only ships on certain days or uses a discounted slower shipping method we will use a comparable shipping method as well.

Occasionally we run promotions, (customer coupons, free shipping etc...) These promotions will be factored into the total price. This means: if you find a lower price on vinyl somewhere else, you cannot use a promotion on top of a price match, you will need to pick which ever method saves you the most money. Either you want to do a price match or you want to use the current promotion.

In simple terms my vinyl guarantee means “vinyl delivered to your door”. Meaning, if you find a lower price from a competitor including the competitors shipping price, and it is lower than our vinyl and our shipping, we will beat that competitors total price, no questions asked. For example, if you find a seller offering 5 sheets of 12x12 gloss red vinyl for $5 plus $3.95 shipping ($8.95 total delivered to your door) we will beat the price (including shipping) of $8.95 for 5 sheets of 12x12 gloss red vinyl delivered to your door.

We will match a competitor’s coupon, BUT, the coupon must be open to the general public and we must be able to confirm the coupons validity without having to complete checkout on the competitor’s website. The coupon cannot be a “special offer" to "members only” kind of deal. If you are a member of a competitors rewards program or similar we cannot match those prices/coupons unless the items/coupon can be purchased/used by the general public. Also, as stated before for a price match we will only be able to match gloss or matte vinyl. This means without adding other non priced matched items on the same receipt. For example, if you find a lower price for 12x12 gloss vinyl on another site we will match the 12x12 gloss vinyl only.  If you wanted to purchase for example glitter vinyl along with the price matched 12x12 gloss vinyl, the glitter vinyl must be purchased separately from the price matched 12x12 gloss vinyl. This does mean the possibility of paying for a 2nd shipping charge. This keeps it fair for everybody on both ends. The reason , we purchase a huge amount of gloss and matte vinyl on a weekly basis and we know almost to the exact penny what another sites are paying for their gloss and matte vinyl. The other site(s) may be buying 5 times a much glitter vinyl as we do and they are getting a better bulk deal on their glitter vinyl. Since they are getting a better deal on glitter vinyl they would be able to lower their shipping rates or lower their price on gloss any matte vinyl because they are making a huge profit margin on their glitter vinyl (which in turn would pay for their profit loss on shipping or profit loss on the gloss or matte vinyl).

For shipping coupons (“amazon prime” for example) we will not be able to match those shipping rates because those are “members only” rates. The prices/shipping rates for a price match must me openly available to the general public.

When emailing us about a price match, please don’t just send us an email and say something like this “I found cheaper price on another site for 12x12 sheets of vinyl”. We need to know exactly what colors, exact quantities, exact shipping rates, along with the direct  links to the prices and shipping rates. For time constraints, we will not be able to research a price match other than confirming the information you email us. To get a price match you will need to do all the research for us, you will need to email us the direct link of the competitor,, the direct link to their shipping, and the exact detailed product info. For shipping rates please do not email us a copy of your shopping cart from a competitors’ website. If you do this your cart will probably not show up on our computer because the copied shopping cart is more than likely only viewable on your computer. Also, in the past we have had people email us a screen shot of what looks to be competitors shipping rates, or a screen shot of an email form the competitor, which come to find out was actually a screen shot transformed using artwork software to change product prices / shipping prices. As crazy as it sounds this does happen, for this reason all info must be openly viewable to the general public , including us.


As stated at the top of this page , in theory our price match means we will meet or beat a competitor’s price for 12x12 or 12x24 solid colors of gloss or matte vinyl, BUT, we will charge the exact same shipping rate as the competitor to make it fair


You must be able to tell us the brand of vinyl that you have found elsewhere in your email to us. If you can not tell us the brand of vinyl you have seen for a lower price we WILL NOT be able to do a price match. We need to know the exact brand not just the vinyl category (gloss/matte etc...)


of course your email to us doesn't have to be word for word as the sample email above, but it must include all of the important information included above. If you send us an email and it doesn't include all of the important information shown above we will probably redirect you to this page so you can see an example of what information we are asking you to send.






Shop around, it is YOUR money, if you find a better price somewhere else please check with me first before ordering somewhere else!