Black Firday pre-sale for our PRIVATE facebook group will start on Wednesday.

To order early AND to join our private group go here:


Siser Easyweed HTV and ThermoFlex HTV 5 ft. roll = $6.95 each, no minimums, no limits.

$9.95 flat rate shipping no matter the amount, order 1 roll or 1,000 rolls it doesn't matter.



On this page we are going to say what every person who works in retail wants to say but won’t.

Ordering from is a privilege, not a right. We have been selling sheets of vinyl on the internet longer than ANY of our competitors, ask them. We receive thousands of orders every week, we are not hurting for business so we can pick and choose who we do business with. We despise Black Friday with a passion here at because adult temper tantrums are at their peak during this time of year. You are here on this page for crazy low prices, not belly rubs. We are not here to make friends, we are here to sell you low priced vinyl. If you want to feel all warm and fuzzy please order from one of our competitor’s Black Friday sales, but just a heads up, most of our competitors Black Friday prices aren’t even close to our normal everyday prices, shop around and see for yourself.

This sale will start at 12:00 a.m. on Friday morning, November 29, 2019. Black Friday pre-sale for our PRIVATE facebook group will start on Wednesday. To order early AND to join our private group go here: You may need to refresh your browser after 12:00 a.m. for all the "add to cart" buttons to appear on this page. This sale will last until 11:59 p.m. Monday night, December 2, 2019. All times are "eastern time". We will not sell out of any color, trust us.  This sale will be for the items listed on this page only, nothing more, nothing less. The only things that can be in your cart are the items listed on this page. If you want other items from our website (not listed on this page) you will need to place separate orders. Shipping will be a flat $9.95 no matter the size of your order (as long as you follow the 5 rules shown below). You must be a U.S.A. resident to order. You can order if you have a military APO/FPO address. You do not need a PayPal account to order, you can bypass the "log in" option when you get to check-out and you can pay directly with your debit or credit card. 

You can place as many orders as you want. You can mix Siser and Thermoflex within the same order. If you do place multiple orders we will not combine or refund any shipping charges, BUT, we may ship all of your orders together in the same box to save us the outgoing shipping charges on our end. will be receiving an unusually high number of visitors over the next few days. Our website will probably crash several times so if by chance things don’t appear to be working as they should please try again later. We will be continuously monitoring our servers to make sure that any website issues are resolved as fast as possible. is the most talked about vinyl supplier on the internet because of our “crazy rules”. If you ignore ANY of these (5) rules shown below we will cancel your entire order minus a $10.00 cancellation fee without notice for not following simple directions, no exceptions, AND we will auction your order off on our facebook page to the highest bidder. This $10.00 cancellation fee will go towards our employee Christmas bonus fund. Every year each employee here at receives a four-figure Christmas bonus. These $10.00 cancellation fee are equally divided among all of our employees.




RULE #1: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, you must add the “I AGREE TO ALL (5) BLACK FRIDAY RULES” option to your shopping cart before adding anything else (see below). This option will cost you $0.01. You will only need to add this option to your cart ONCE for your entire order, but, If you add this option more than once to the same order it is perfectly fine. Adding this option to your cart will let us know that you agree to all (5) BLACK FRIDAY rules AND it will automatically trigger our website to charge you $9.95 for flat rate shipping. If you place an order and realize that you forgot to add this option to your order you will need to come back here and re-order because any orders placed without this option will be refunded minus $10.00.




RULE #2: We have no clue how long shipping will take. We will not answer emails or facebook questions about shipping times, period. This simply means ZERO TIME FRAME FOR SHIPPING. Shipping delay may be 6 weeks, or it may be 6 months, or it may be a year, but your order will ship on or before before next years 2020 Black Friday sale. Please understand that "ZERO TIME FRAME" does not mean that you can send us a strongly worded email that says "I think that I have waited long enough”. Also, "ZERO TIME FRAME" does not mean that it is o.k. to send us a passive aggressive email that says "I know I am not supposed to ask a status, but, I just want to make sure that my order is being processed?". Rest assured, if you have a PayPal confirmation that means we did receive your order and it will ship as long as you follow our rules. Smaller orders will ship out first, so if you place a large order it will take longer to ship. If the shipping delay is an issue please leave this page and do not return, ever.

RULE #3: There can be ZERO changes made to your order after you pay. You will need to make sure that ALL of your info is correct and up to date. If you "accidentally" place multiple orders you will need to figure out what to do with the extra vinyl. If you use the “wrong” shipping address DO NOT email us because we will not reply. Your only option is to drive to the “wrong” shipping address and wait for your order to be delivered. If you are not able to drive please visit , or to see how far they will take you.

#4: There will be ZERO "complaints" about this sale AFTER payment, period. All the details about this sale are up front and impossible ignore. Nobody is forcing you to order. If you send us an email complaining we will cancel your order on the spot AND we will keep $10.00 for not following directions. If you "complain" on ANY social media platform in ANY way shape or form INCLUDING passive aggressive comments like "just wondering if anybody else has received their black Friday order from" you will be refunded minus $10.00. We have over 195,000 followers on facebook so we will find out, promise.

#5: If you dispute your payment for ANY reason you agree that you will only be shipped a printed copy of this page AND a pair of cheap ass reading glasses and nothing else. This is a contractual agreement that you are making by purchasing from this page. We do not have time to deal with cowardly credit card disputes. You agree that we will auction your order off on our facebook page to the highest bidder and ANY money from the auction will go to us. You are an adult, all info on this page is upfront. If you place an order for $1,000 and dispute your payment please be prepared to receive a printed copy of this page and a pair of reading glasses, and nothing else period.




We have no control over your decision to read, or not to read the entire details of this page. We have tried to make everything as up front and as clear as possible. If you place an order from this page we will assume that you took the time to read this entire page and we will assume that you agreed to everything on this page including the (5) rules shown above.
We strongly suggest that you print off a copy of this page along with your order details so that you can refer back to your printed copy(s) if you have ANY questions. The (5) rules shown on this page will not change. This page will stay up until the last Black Friday order has been shipped.

If you foresee yourself being a problematic customer you may want to close this page and not return, ever. If you are always asking to “speak to the manager” of every store you visit, this sale is probably not for you.

If you are looking for a vinyl supplier to kiss your ass and charge you double please click HERE

We worded this page to weed out any possible nonsense. If the wording of this page offends you please spend all weekend telling everybody on social media about how "unprofessional" you think we are. Your new part-time job is to advertise for, for free. Just be sure to spell our website correctly and please post a direct link to this Black Friday sale so that everyone will know where to order.

If your order was placed correctly it will ship, we promise, however, If YOU do not follow our rules you will be refunded minus $10.00. We don't want to hear "how disappointed you are" or "a customer should not have to jump through hoops to order" and we don't need to know that you will be "taking your business elsewhere". We also don't want to hear excuses like "my phone was acting up" , "my computer crashed" , "my kids were being rowdy". You are an adult, we asked you to read this ENTIRE page AND we asked you to print off this entire page after payment so there would be no issues, so the fault is on you. If you need an outlet to vent please report us to the Better Business Bureau. Here is the direct link to our “F” rating with the BBB: This link will save you time searching online for how to “report” us.

If your order is sent back to us for ANY reason we will not reach out to you and you will not be refunded. Your only option is to drive to our warehouse to pick up your order. Our physical address is:,  673 Belfast School Road, Cedar Bluff, Va 24609. If you are not able to drive to us please read the last part of "RULE #3" shown above. 

All of our competitors will be reading this page and they will be shaking their heads at our lack of "professionalism" but the simple fact remains, we will do twice as many orders as our competitors will on Black Friday. Our competitor’s would love to say what we say but they won’t, and most importantly our competitors wish that they could bring in the order volume that we do, but they can't. The next few months at will be 100% stress-free. Our competitors will spend the next few weeks pulling their hair out in frustration because of the hundreds of hateful emails and credit card disputes from impatient Black Friday customers.

Finally, If you have any trouble adding items to your shopping cart you may need to clear the cookies in your computer, try from a different browser, or try from a different device. Once you add an item to your shopping cart it may take you go straight to PayPal, from there you may need to click the "continue shopping" option from inside the PayPal shipping cart. Clicking any links to this page from an outside source such as faceboook, google etc. may cause issues with adding items to your shopping cart. We strongly suggest opening a new browser and physically typing out and then clicking on our Black Friday sale banner on the home page. The C.E.O of does not own a cell phone so our website isn’t very cellphone friendly. has looked the same since day one and we are fully aware that it looks like it was created in 1997, we get it, so there is no need to send an email to remind us.


Remember, this is OUR website, OUR rules, YOUR decision. 

Nobody is forcing you to order, PERIOD.


SISER EASYWEED - 5 FT. ROLLS - $6.95 each is no longer a distributor of Siser products.

Why aren’t we a Siser distributor? Very simple, We started selling Siser in 2006, up until 2014 we were a distributor of Siser products. In 2014 several of our greedy competitors complained to Siser that our prices were too low.  Siser demanded that we raise our prices and charge a minimum of $3.50 per 12x15 sheet of Siser Easyweed. We refused to rise our prices thus ending our direct relationship with Siser. At we like to make our own rules and set our own prices without having to ask for permission.

We are still allowed to purchase and legally resell Siser products based on "The First Sale Doctrine" of United States Federal Law. By not being a Siser distributor it gives us the absolute freedom to charge whatever price we want. Rest assured that all Siser products on this page are 100% authentic because they have been purchased directly from other Siser distributor(s). We purchase MILLIONS of dollars per year worth of authentic Siser products straight from approximately 15 different authorized Siser distributors all across the United States.

 Siser” & "Easyweed" are trademarks owned by SISER NORTH AMERICA INC. 

If you would like to pay A LOT more from a Siser distributor please email Siser directly at: