Please read this ENTIRE page for details on our return policy. DO NOT send us a package back as a return without following the steps on this page. If you by chance ignore this page and send us a package without reading this page your package will be sent back to you as "return to sender" no exceptions. By sending ANY items back to us you agree to the following:


Returns are gladly accepted as long as the products are unused/uncut. We do not accept returns on special orders, non-stocked items, or clearance items.

You can return any unused items back to us and we will refund your payment minus whatever shipping charges WE paid as long as the return(s) is/are still use-able.

Return shipping will be your responsibility.

You MUST include the original sales receipt and any paperwork you received with your package. If you want to keep part or all of the paperwork/receipts for your records you MUST send back a copy/copies of all original paperwork/receipt(s) with your return. You must also include a short note explaining the reason for the return and also outline a detailed list of the items being returned. Returns sent to us that do not include a note explaining the reason for the return, or a detailed list of items being returned or the original paperwork or copies thereof your package will be sent back to you NO EXCEPTIONS. All paperwork must be readable, if it is not please write us a note. If you write a note on your paperwork please write it very clear and neat, we will not try to guess your handwritting.

All returns are subject to an industry standard 10-25% restocking fee (depending on the items). The restocking fee will be 10-25% of the entire purchase price including shipping. This restocking fee will also include orders that have been boxed up and are ready to ship. For example if you purchase items that are part of a promotion or have an agreed delay in shipping and If the order is boxed up we will gladly refund the purchase if you change your mind but we will charge a 10-25%% restocking fee even if the order has not left our facility. This 10%-25% fee covers the cost of labor to restock the items. Some promotions/items have a cancellation fee on top of a restock fee. If your return is over the 14 day cut off you will be charged a 25% restocking fee no exceptions.

Returns must be delivered back to us within 14 business days after the day the package was first delivered to you, no exceptions.

For a refunded payment: The refund will be initiated on our end instantly but it may be a few days before the actual refund has time to post back to your PayPal account/credit card or checking account. The time it takes for the refund to post back to your account is out of our control. Each banking institution accepts refunds differently so we have no information of how long it will take for a refund to post to your account, normally it is only a few days. We have no control over the time it takes for a refund to post back to your bank account or credit card. We simply issue the refund and it is then up to your bank or credit card to accept the refund and post the credit. The refund process is instant on our end once we initiate the refund.

Items that are part of a "sample pack" (where you get one of every color or one of every certain color for example) are non returnable unless you return every color/sheet/item included in the original pack

Returns on cutting machines will be charged a 25% restocking fee if the machine is un-used and unopened. We do not accept returns on Cameos if the machine has been used in anyway shape or form, this includes opening the packaging or opening the accessories or accessory packaging If you return a cameo to us that has been opened we will not accept the return and take zero responsibility for what happens to the machine after the refusal. On top of the 25% restocking fee on unused machine returns you will be charged the original shipping amount even though the shipping to you was “free” because we had to pay out of pocket to ship the cameo to you in the first place.

If your order is part of a large sale or promotion that has an upfront agreed delay we will not be able to refund/cancel/make changes to any of the order without a 10%-25% restocking fee (or a which ever fee is posted in the promotion details) on top of a cancellation fee even if the order has not been filled or shipped. The reason for the fee is: In the past, sometimes we have received over 1,000 orders in a single day depending on the time of the year. These stacks of paperwork can be enormous. The restocking fee covers the time it takes to go physically go through each individual order, pull the paperwork and refund the payment. This is why we stress the importance of the delay on any sale that we have. For shipping on promotions of specials priced items with a delay we have no control over a customers decision not to read the entire details of a promotion and then claim they didn’t realize there would be a delay. We make it very clear in the description of each sale or promotion that there will be a delay. On each promotion we will explain the delay, explain the general time frame that the order will be delayed , we will also give a link to our shipping info page and ask that the customer take the time to read our shipping info page so the customer can make the decision if they want to order or not. If the customer places an order we will assume the customer read our shipping info page and agreed to the clearly published delay. . In short, we will gladly issue a refund, but it will be less a 10% restocking fee even if the order has not been physically filled. If by chance the order has been filled and shipped you can return the package for a refund minus the restocking fee and less any shipping fees.

For a return we highly recommend insuring the package sent back to us. If the package is damaged during transit back to us we will not be able to refund the purchase because the items are not reuse-able. You must return unused items back to us in a brand new shipping box and use new packing materials.  Re-using the same shipping box it was delivered to you in can almost always guarantee the items arriving damaged when they are delivered to us.  Your local post office will supply you free priority mail boxes/envelopes. Be sure to use enough new packing materials to ensure the package arrives to us undamaged. If a return to us is partially damaged we will only be able to issue a credit for items that are not damaged.

If we get a package from you and we can tell that you used the same shipping box that we used to ship the items to you in the first place we will not open the package , instead we will send the package back to you, no exceptions 

If your order qualified for "free" shipping you will be refunded the purchase price minus what ever shipping costs we paid to ship your items to you. For all other orders you will be refunded minus what ever price WE paid out of pocket to ship your order, for example: just because you paid "$2.95" to ship an item(s) doesn't mean that we paid $2.95 to ship the item(s), we may have had to pay a lot more than $2.95 out of pocket.

Return of items that were part of an order that qualified for free shipping may result in a refund minus shipping charges. For example, let's say you purchase $125 worth of items and qualify for free shipping, but, you decide to return $100 worth of items to us. We will gladly refund the $100 worth of products, but that would mean the original order only cost you $25 . Since your original order of $125 qualified for free shipping and you returned $100 worth of items, we will refund $100 minus whatever shipping you would have been charged on a $25 order, so the refund would be less than $100 if you factor in a shipping price.

For partial refunds on "larger" orders, we may do a pro-rated refund. For example, if you were to buy 100 key chains for $50 (comes out to $0.50 cents each if you buy 100 key chains) and you wanted to return 90 of the key chains, we would refund a pro-rated amount by factoring in the price for 10 key chains. In a case like this you technically only "bought" 10 key chains after the return, so the refund would be pro-rated to reflect a 10 key chain price scale. So, If 10 key chains were priced at $0.75 cent each we would do a refund of $42.50 for 90 key chains (minus shipping) instead of $45 for 90 key chains because key chains (along with a lot of other items on our site) are cheaper to buy in bulk. Please do not buy (for example) a12x24 sheet(s) and use half the sheet(s) and return the sheets(s) for credit on a 12x12 sheet(s).

In the rare event your package is sent back to us and becomes lost or damaged in transit it is YOUR responsibility to file an insurance claim to recover the loss or damage of the product. This is why we strongly suggest getting insurance on your return because if the package is lost or damaged and you didn’t have the package insured there is nothing we can do as far as a refund. Items that are part of a "sample pack" (where you get one of every color or one of ever certain color for example) are non returnable unless you return every color/sheet/item included in the original pack AND every items is undamaged, if you purchase for example a "sample pack" of t-shirt vinyl with a certain pre-determined amount of /sheets/colors and you return the sample pack but 1 or more of the color/sheets are damaged in transit to us the entire pack will not be returnable/refundable.

When returning a package back to us you must make sure the postage paid is correct. For example, if you use a flat rate priority box you will have to pay a flat rate postage price at the post office and this will be your responsibility. Sometimes it may be cheaper not to use a flat rate box, but you will have to provide your own packaging which will cost you out of pocket money. Sometimes a postal worker will give you a postage price based on weight, not the actual flat rate box rate unless they know which box you are using. You must make sure the postal worker knows the correct box weight and actual box type in order to get an accurate postage price. If you send us a package that has insufficient funds we will have to pay the remaining postage to the post office on our end before they will release the package to us. In the event this happens we will pay the postage and then deduct the postage we paid to the post office from your returned item(s) refund.  

In short we do not do "exchanges" per say, but, if an item is sent back to use for an "exchange" we will refund the original product (if it qualifies for a refund) and in the mean time, you can then buy the items you wanted instead of the items you originally bought/returned, it is a lot easier to do it this way .

Please make sure you have read this entire page before sending anything back, as per the fist part of this page if you didn't follow the return instructions we will mark your return package as "return to sender" and it will be shipped back to you at your cost now ours. So ,again after reading all of the above and understanding our CLEAR return policy terms, you can now send the item(s)/paperwork/receipt(s) back to the exactly address show below (in blue) and MUST be exactly as shown below, no exceptions: - RETURNS DEPARTMENT

673 Belfast School Road

Cedar Bluff, VA 24609


We reserve the absolute right to accept or deny returns or refunds as we deem fit depending on the circumstance before, during or after the original transaction.




When you place an order you set into motion a chain of events for your paperwork to be printed out and your actual order to be filled and shipped. If you place an order and then want/need to cancel (for ANY reason) we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of $5 or 10% depending of the order. We cannot and will not make ANY changes to your order after it has been placed, the only option is to cancel and refund the entire order and let you start over. We print hundreds of orders per day and at any given moment we can have stacks of order paperwork that are 15-20 inches tall in several different locations throughout our facility. To cancel your order it is more than just sending you a refund, we first have to find the paperwork for your order by digging through stacks and stacks of paperwork to ensure that your order isn't actually shipped to you.

It doesn’t matter if you ordered 3 days ago, 3 minutes ago or 3 seconds ago, it will be the same cancellation policy. It also doesn’t matter if your order paperwork has or has not been printed off, it also doesn't matter it your has not been partially filled or is / is not boxed up and ready to ship out the door.

If you purchase from one of our low priced promotions / sales and do not follow the clearly displayed "rules" we reserve the right to cancel your order and charge a cancellation fee ( listed on the page you agreed to) without notice.

We also reserve the right not to honor ANY pricing mistakes made during checkout due to computer glitches, computer "cookie" settings, or price changes while updating of our website. This means, if we are in the middle of updating prices or adding items to our site and you coincidentally happen to order items during an update or a price change, we reserve the right to refund the payment. In the unlikely event this were to happen, we will contact you as soon as possible. If you place an order and the price paid is not what is posted on the website we will contact you and more than likely refund the order and ask you try again. The reason, if you haven't visited our site in a while your computer "cookies" may still show an old out of date price(s) for an item(s)


We are THE oldest sheet seller of vinyl on the internet. We have been in business since 2006 and have hundreds of thousands of customers.  We value our loyal customers, however, we are a straight forward, no nonsense, private corporation and we decide who we want to sell to or not. With that said we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, period.