Ok guys, the inevitable is approaching....



A few years ago we had a killer Black Friday sale. We had crazy low prices and of course crazy rules, then a few bad apples started disputing their credit cards because of "slow shipping" so we canceled every single order and said the hell with it. We have no regrets either. Needless to say, here at Craftvinyl.com we HATE Black Friday with a passion because adult temper tantrums are at their peak around this time.

Every year it is always comical to watch all of our competitors do Black Friday sales because even at their sale prices they don't even come close to our every day low prices.

With that said, "IF" we do a Black Friday sale it will be for 12x15 SISER EASY WEED ONLY, and it will be $1.65 per 12x15 sheet, no minimums. 

Go to our facebook page, watch this video we made on Nov 13th 2017 about BLACK FRIDAY, then leave us a comment if you want this sale or not.


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