Here are the full details on our FREE SHIPPING days
the first Friday of every month we offer free shipping
The ONLY place online to view the full details of this free shipping sale is right here on this page so please go with what is clearly explained on this page not what other people may or may not say on websites/blogs/forums.


This page may seem long and detailed but it will explain everything you need to know about the free shipping sale so please take the time to read this entire page so there are NO questions/misunderstandings later if there is a problem.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM BEFORE ORDERING
Free shipping will start at 12:00 AM Friday morning and it will end at 11:59 PM Friday night, all times are EASTERN time. Free shipping is for those times only, no exceptions. If you forget to place the order during those times we cannot go back and refund orders placed before or after the times listed above, so plan accordingly. 
Free shipping orders WILL BE DELAYED. If you do not want your order to be delayed please do not select the free shipping option, if you do not want a delay please place your order as normal and pay for shipping. Orders that paid for shipping will ship within our normal handling times and will have precedent (as far as shipping) over free shipping orders. .
Free shipping will not apply to international orders. Free shipping will include everything except tumblers, and our $0.99 cent sheets of 12x24 Oracal 651
THIS PART IS VERY IMPORTANT:  8  important things you are agreeing to:

#1. Since there have been "misunderstandings" about a delay in shipping. In order to get free shipping you will have to manually add "I WANT FREE SHIPPING !" to your cart (shown below).  This must be the first thing you add to your cart. If you want free shipping please go ahead and click "I WANT FREE SHIPPING !" below and then click "add to cart".  If you forget to click the "I WANT FREE SHIPPING !" button we can not go back and refund the shipping price you paid, by  manually clicking the free shipping option you agree to ALL terms o this page. This option will cost you $0.01 (one penny) .


#2.  Your entire order may be delayed by an additional 10 business days on top of our normal handling time(s). Our normal handling times are listed here: In the past when we have had a free shipping sale we would usually accumulate 10-15 times the amount of normal orders in a normal regular priced day. Please understand that there are only so many orders we can physically print/box/ship in a single day, so again please understand the possible delay Please make sure you know the difference between "handling time" and "delivery time". Our shipping info page will clarify the difference. YOUR COMPLETED CORRECT ORDER WILL SHIP WITHIN THE ADDITIONAL 10 BUSINESS DAYS!

#3. We will not be able to give a specific time frame of when your order will ship, so if you email us asking when your order will ship we will only be able to refer you back to this page, BUT rest assured your order will ship within 10 business days on top of our normal handling times. Feel free to email or call us about your order with general questions. We have no problem with you emailing us general questions about you order, always remember that! We just ask that you understand the potential delay(s).......
#4. If you plan to tell your friends or family about this sale you need tell them to read this entire page before placing their order. Please don’t just tell them to simply click the free shipping option because you may forget to tell them about the possible delay and it wont be fair to them
#5. I will not be able to make changes to your order after payment. This includes changing items, adjusting quantities, or changing your shipping address. The only option is to refund the entire purchase less a 20% restocking fee even if the order has not been filled. 

#6.THIS IS THE ONE "RULE" I PERSONALLY DON'T LIKE TO HAVE, BUT UNFORTUNATELY HAVE TO ENFORCE.  If you publicly complain about our possible shipping delays on other websites, other forums or other blogs, your order will be canceled immediately even if the order is boxed and ready to be picked up by the post office/UPS. The reason for this "rule" is because public unwarranted complaints about “slow shipping” times during this sale may give potentially new customers who are unaware of the agreed shipping delay the impression that my company has slow service all the time. Unfortunately with each sale it never fails, I will get direct complaints about “slow shipping”. I am also aware of complaints posted on other websites, forums and blogs about “slow shipping”. PLEASE UNDERSTAND I have ZERO problems with valid complaints if I make a mistake. For example, if I send you the wrong items, or, if I personally make a mistake on your order, those mistakes are corrected immediately on the spot.  If I don’t correct those mistakes to your satisfaction then your complaints are FAIR GAME.  If I make a mistake you have every right to complain about me, my company, or my polices, BUT, all I ask is that you not complain about slow shipping times during this sale. After all, you don’t have to choose “free shipping” option.


#7. Key chains usually have have to be purchased separate from all other items on our site, BUT, on a free shipping day this will not apply  If you do not plan to purchase keychains please skip this and go on the #8 below. If you do plan to purchase keychains with free shipping you must HERE , please understand If you try to purchase keychains from our regular keychain page you will not get the option for free shipping.
#8.  Orders placed today that did not click on the free shipping option will have precedent (as far as shipping) over all orders that selected free shipping.

Because of the volume of orders and paperwork, in the days following this sale I will probably be very slow at replying to emails or answering phone calls

I want free shipping  to go as smooth as possible.  This is something I do to give back to my customers to show appreciation .  Next to my family, my customers mean the most to me. I am passionate about customer service so please feel free to email or call me with ANY questions about free shipping. Please understand if you order on Friday and choose free shipping and then email me on Tuesday asking for a tracking number I probably haven’t even printed your order much less shipped it. I am always receptive to complaints or problems if they are valid, but I’m not a fan of having to explain clearly posted polices after the fact.

On a normal business day we receive between 40-50 orders, this is 7 days a week 365 days a year.

In the past, on a free shipping day we have seen orders received range anywhere from 250 to 350 in a single day depending on the month.  The Monday following a free shipping day we will come into work early and start printing orders received on Friday that opted out of free shipping. After printing the opt out orders we start printing orders received on Saturday and Sunday.  After printing Saturday’s and Sunday’s orders we will start printing free shipping orders received on Friday.  On a typical Monday evening following a free shipping day we usually start off by printing the first 20 free shipping orders received on Friday. Then Tuesday evening, after finishing our regular work day we will print 20 more orders received from the free shipping day. For Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (and so on) we will do the same. We only print 20 orders at a time that were placed on the free shipping day. So as said before depending on the number of orders received it may be up to 10 additional business days handling time (on top of our normal handing time) before your order is shipped. 

For this sale  please understand if you email us and ask “Why hasn’t my order been shipped????” or “I have customers waiting and this is unacceptable”  or  “Why is it taking so long?” or “I’ve ordered from a competitor and they never take this long!” etc… your order will probably be refunded.

We have no problem with you emailing us general questions about you order, always remember that! We just ask that you understand the delay(s).......

I hope all of the above isn’t too much to ask…….


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