8x12 sheets of glitter t-shirt 

$1.79 each



Normally 8x12 sheets of glitter t-shirt vinyl average anywhere from $2.95 - $4.95 per sheet depending on which website you purchase them from.  Ask anybody in the vinyl world , $1.79 per 8x12 sheet is unheard of, this is THE lowest price you will find anywhere...... period. 

Before you purchase from us, shop around, you will not find 8x12 sheets of glitter t-shirt vinyl ANYWHERE for $1.79 each. Go ahead, search every website online that specializes in sheets of vinyl , NOBODY comes close to this price.



This promotion is for U.S.A. paypal accounts that are shipping to U.S.A. addresses only


There are 3 "rules" for this promotion....

#1: There is an upfront agreement that the order may not ship for 10 business days AFTER the date of payment. You agree that if you email us within those 10 business days asking for an update on the status of your order or if you ask for a tracking number we will send you this reply: "as per the promotion details, there is an upfront agreed delay and if your order was placed correctly as described, the order will ship within 10 business days after the date of payment".  For this promotion every time you add a different color to your cart it will say on your receipt "YOU AGREE TO A POSSIBLE 10 BUSINESS DAY DELAY", so, in total if you order 10 different colors, the word "DELAY" will be on your receipt 10 times. We have made this delay as up front and as clear as possible.  So, please take a few seconds, look at your calendar and count forward 10 business days (skipping weekends and holidays) and that will give you a general idea of the latest date that your order will ship. Your order may actually ship well before the 10 business days but nothing is guaranteed. Please see our shipping info page www.craftvinyl.com/page99 for an explanation of how we ship, and how we send you tracking info. Please consider this a "stock up" promotion, meaning this is an excellent time and excellent price to stock up in Glitter T-Shirt Vinyl. Please don't make a promise to one of your customers or try to meet a deadline by purchasing from this page. If you need your glitter t-shirt vinyl to ship as normal please pay full price here: www.craftvinyl.com/page128

#2: This promotion is for (10) 8x12 sheets of glitter t-shirt vinyl from this page only, nothing more, nothing less. You can pick any combination of colors but the total must be exactly 10. The only thing that can be on your receipt is 10 sheets of glitter t-shirt vinyl from this page.  If you attempt to add any number other than 10 sheets of glitter t-shirt vinyl to your cart the shipping rate will show up as $999,999.99 (yes we know, c-r-a-z-y) but these shipping settings are in place to let you know that you need to go back and recount how many sheets are in your cart and then you will need to make changes so the total number of sheets is exactly 10. If you accidentally place an order with the $999,999.99 shipping rate your order will be refunded. Please understand that you wont be able add other items to your cart (of course other than 10 sheets of glitter t-shirt vinyl from this page). You can’t use any coupons or discounts on this promotion (example: no free shipping) . The total will be $17.90 plus $4.95 shipping (VA residents will be charged tax).  If you want to purchase multiple packs of this promotion you will have to make multiple purchases. For example if you want 3 packs of 10 sheets, you will have to make a total of 3 different purchases. We wont be able to combine shipping for this promotion. If you wish to purchase other items from our site you will have to purchase those items separately.

#3: There can be ZERO changes made to your order after is has been placed. For example, you wont be able to change colors or quantities of colors after payment, You wont be able to change the shipping address after payment. The only option is to cancel the entire order less a $3.00 restocking fee (even if the order has not been filled) and let you start over. If any refunds are issued those refunds may not be initiated for 10 additional business days. Please understand that because of the very little profit being made on this promotion we wont have alot of time to delay other orders by making changes to yours. We have "rule" #3 in place because we have asked that you make sure everything is correct before actually placing the order. Since this promotion is for the USA only, if you are an international customer and by chance purchase this promotion we will have to cancel your order and charge the same $3.00 restocking fee mentioned above. Please do not email us or send us a message asking that we change the shipping address or make changes to the order,  we can not change the address or make changes to the order after the fact, if this happens we will have to cancel the order less the $3.00 cancellation fee.


We will be the first to admit, these "rules" may sound unconventional from a buyers stand point (after all we are buyers too!), but, $1.79 for 8x12 sheets of glitter t-shirt vinyl is unconventional as well.





(10) 8x12 sheets of Glitter T-shirt vinyl

$1.79 each

your total will be $17.90 + $4.95 s/h

You agree you have read this entire page and you agree to all terms listed on this page including a possible 10 business day delay. Also, to keep prices low and the weight of each package down to the bare minimum, your order may not have any paperwork included with it. If you need a record/receipt of the transaction it will be in your actual paypal account.  If you need basic application instructions please visit www.craftvinylinfo.com





We have no control over your decision to read, or not to read the entire details of this promotion. We have tried to make all details of this promotion as up front and as clear as possible so you can make the final decision if you want to order or not. If you place an order from this page we will assume that you took the time to read this entire page and you agreed to everything on this page including the clearly published delay. So, again, if you need your vinyl to ship out within our normal handling times and do not want a delay, please pay full price for your vinyl on the page listed below: Full price Glitter t-shirt vinyl is here: www.craftvinyl.com/page128





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