Craftvinyl Inc. vs. Siser


We understand 100% that this is very frustrating, we get it, we are just as frustrated as you are. is the oldest and most talked about sheet seller of vinyl on the internet (ask anybody). For the past NINE years we have dominated the craft world by bringing you the lowest sheet prices on all brands of vinyl. Up until 2014 we were an "authorized distributor" of Siser Easyweed products until we ended our relationship with them (keep reading as to why) . Since 2014 we have continued to sell Siser despite their repeated threats of lawsuits. Siser will probably threaten us again after seeing this page, and If they do, we will give Siser and their lawyers the same two word all caps reply that we always give them, and that is simply “BRING IT”.




In April of 2014 the CEO of Siser called us and demanded that we raise our prices within 24 hours. The reason? Several of our competitors were complaining to Siser that we were undercutting their prices. The CEO of Siser informed us that if we didn’t raise our Siser prices within 24 hours he would end our distributorship with Siser and we would no longer be "allowed" to purchase directly from Siser. We basically told Siser that we would not raise our prices and on that day we ended our direct relationship with Siser.

Since 2014 we have purchased Siser from several dozen large distributors all over the USA. We have ordered Siser products under several “D.B.A business names” and had it shipped to us via several locations all over the U.S.A just to keep Siser guessing who our suppliers were. For the past 3 years we have paid full retail price for Siser products but it has allowed us the freedom to charge whatever price we want and then pass the savings on to you guys, which of course helped your profit margins. We went from paying a very low price directly from Siser to paying full retail prices for Siser just to be able to pass the savings on to you guys. How many other vinyl websites would be willing to do that?

Under the "first sale doctrine" of U.S. commerce law Siser can not legally stop us from selling their products, they know this, but, Siser can control their own authorized distributors who sell to us. Siser has now implemented strong arm tactics to their own distributors that basically say “if we find out that you are selling to, we will no longer do business with you". The hassle of dealing with dozens of Siser suppliers and trying to keep up with this nonsense every week is now just more than it is worth. It is a logistical nightmare considering the very little profit we are making. We may continue to sell Siser in the future (just to prove to Siser that we still can) but at the moment we are ending all of our low priced Siser promotions. So, unless there is a Siser distributor out there that is willing to supply us (under the radar) with close to ONE MILLION dollars worth of Siser products every year, we will no longer offer Siser products as part of our promotions, PERIOD.

Since 2014 a lot of our warm and fuzzy competitors have made a big deal about not being “authorized to sell Siser” but these same competitors fail to mention that THEY secretly set into motion this nonsense that forced prices to go up. These are the same competitors who cleverly raised their own Siser prices by claiming that they had to follow strict pricing guidelines from Siser. These same competitors who love to bash us in public are now going to love squeezing more money out of YOUR pockets in private. Just always remember it was that stuck their neck out there 3 years ago and stood up to Siser to bring YOU low prices.

You will probably see a lot of social media buzz because of this post and all the "negativity" surrounding, but ask yourself who really is the bad guy here? The straight forward no-nonsense website ( that looks out for their customers pocketbook, or, all the other warm and fuzzy sugar coating vinyl dealers (and we all know them) who only look out for their pocketbook?

Starting immediately we are replacing all Siser promotions with Thermoflex-Plus. We will be charging the same amount for Thermoflex as we did for Siser. For several years we have been authorized distributors of Thermoflex products and we have had a great relationship with Thermoflex. Today we personally spoke to their CEO and he assured us that can continue to charge whatever price we want. From a technical data standpoint and from customer reviews Thermoflex is actually a better product and they offer twice as many colors.  

Starting this weekend the 12x15 Siser promotion will be for 12x15 Thermoflex. Starting next Tuesday the “2 FOR 1 TUESDAY” promotion will be for Thermoflex and possibly glitter t-shirt vinyl as well. Starting next Thursday the “30% OFF THURSDAY” promotion will be for Thermoflex.

This is an unfortunate situation but you must understand the fault lies on Siser so take your frustration out with them, not us. Here is the "contact us" page on Siser's website, and here is their facebook page:

We are actually encouraging Siser to file a lawsuit against so the entire documented truth can come out about this, under oath. Then a list of Siser distributors (including all the warm and fuzzy vinyl sellers) who came together and forced these price increases can be made public. With that said, Siser the ball is now in your court, so make your move.



You can take your frustrations out on Siser here:


We made a Facebook post on Feb 23rd 2017 explaining the Siser issue in great detail.


The Facebook post is here: