12x15 sheets of BLACK & WHITE are $1.75 each


We have 1,000 sheets of black and 1,000 sheets of white put aside, first come first serve.

Sale will last until the last sheet is sold.



We are so we have SIX rules :


#1: Limit (20) of the $1.75 sheets of Siser total. You can get 17 black and 3 white, or 8 white 12 black, 20 white 0 black , etc. You don’t have to purchase 20 sheets , but you CAN NOT order over (20) of the $1.75 Siser sheets total . If you want more than 20 total you must make separate transactions.

#2: There MUST be a shipping charge on your order, NO FREE SHIPPING


#4: You MUST purchase at least ONE other VINYL item on the website. You can purchase as many other regular priced vinyl items on the website but remember you must pay for shipping

#5: To keep down on shipping costs on or end you can not purchase license plates, squeegees, weeding tools, pick me up tools etc. The ENTIRE order must be for sheets of vinyl only .

#6: ZERO CHANGES to the order. If you use an old out dated address you will need to go to the old address and pick up your order.

VERY IMPORTANT, we are all adults, the SIX rules are up front. Nobody is forcing you to purchase. If you ignore any of these SIX rules dont get offended when your order is canceled minus a $5 cancellation fee for not following the rules. So if any of these rules are confusing, you may want to sit this one out .

Shipping may be delayed a few extra days.


As of 2014 IS NOT affiliated with Siser, and we ARE NOT a distributor of Siser Products. "Siser" and "Easyweed" are trademarks owned by SISER NORTH AMERICA  INC.



As of 2014 IS NOT affiliated with Siser, and we ARE NOT a distributor of Siser Products.

"Siser" and "Easyweed" are trademarks owned by SISER NORTH AMERICA INC. 

Why aren’t we a Siser distributor? Very simple, up until 2014 we were a distributor of Siser products. In 2014 Siser started forcing their distributors to raise prices and charge a minimum of $3.25 per 12x15 sheet of Siser Easyweed. At we like to make our own rules and set our own prices without having to ask for permission. For NINE years we have focused on having the lowest prices online because it has allowed us to pass the savings on to you. We ended our direct relationship with Siser in 2014 because of their unfair and mandatory price increases.

By not being a Siser distributor it gives us the freedom to charge whatever price we want. Rest assured that all Siser products on this page are 100% authentic because they have been purchased directly from Siser distributor(s).  We purchase close to 1 MILLION dollars per year worth of authentic Siser products straight from approximately 15 different authorized Siser distributors all across the country.

By not being a Siser distributor our prices are way cheaper than ANY Siser distributor! However, If you would like to pay A LOT more from a Siser distributor please email Siser directly at: