Dreadful Dacia Sale!


Lady named “Dacia” ordered some “crimson” thermoflex HTV. Dacia received the color she paid for but Dacia is now unhappy because she thought it would be a different shade. 

Dacia emailed me and asked “what could be done” I told Dacia to buy a color swatch so this doesn't happen again Dacia then emails me back and she lets me know that she will be letting all of her friends on social media know about craftvinyl.com (which is always music to my ears!)

Dacia went out on facebook a few minutes ago and started with free advertising

Dacia is working for me today and she doesn't even know it yet....


The sale:

In honor of Dacia giving us free advertising, I am going to have 500 sheets of 12x15 Thermoflex in the color “crimson” for $1.50 each You MUST order atleast ONE sheet of regular priced vinyl on your order, and it has to be actual vinyl, no keychains, no license plates, no squeegees etc, it has to be ALL vinyl on the order. This is to keep the cost down for shipping purposes.

TEN SHEETS MAX PER ORDER. You can buy 1 sheet, 3 sheets, 10 sheets etc, doesn’t matter BUT If you order more than 10 sheets per order you will not get any number over 10 and there WILL NOT be any refunds for what you overspent. We will keep the extra vinyl over 10 sheets as a donation for you not being able to follow simple directions, period. 500 sheets, first come, first serve.

If you add the crimson sheets to your cart and it creates a new shopping cart then that means the items you are trying to purchase may not be combine-able with this sale.

I am flying all of my employees to Las Vegas tomorrow and I won’t be back until Tuesday so these orders WILL be delayed, how long? Not sure, 3 days? 1 week? No clue, so don’t ask Get the sheets here





$1.50 each