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This lady ordered last week, her order was less than $11.00 total including shipping. Her package shipped out within FOUR business days of payment. She was emailed tracking info. The post office scanned her package but failed to update the tracking info for 3 business days and of course this is somehow my fault? Here is her first email to me and my first reply back to her. Her package has been in transit for literally THREE business days and she is already claiming that her package is lost. Here is her postal tracking info:






After she got my first reply she disputed her credit card payment. Then she sent me back a second email, at this point she is starting to go off the deep end. She said that she was taking me to court (all because her $11.00 package has been in transit for THREE business days). Little does she know, if she wins her imaginary "lawsuit" I will pay her all in penniesif you know anything about me then you will get the penny reference, if not, just google "Virginia mans pays DMV in pennies" (and yes, that was me)  




HER SECOND EMAIL MARCH 14th (almost bat shit crazy) : 






 HER THIRD EMAIL MARCH 15th (certifiably bat shit crazy): 




Since this lady mentioned "high school", here is my high school prom picture, the lady in the picture is now my wife, we have been married since 2001. I searched this bat shit crazy lady on facebook and here is a picture of her and her "significant other".......such irony